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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Seems that I am in immediate need

[Updated at bottom of post]

Of a new tool box roll-around chest. Son Noah wants his monster, silver-colored, stainless steel edifice to all things mechanical toolbox, that has been happily residing in my shop, for his own use now that he has secured employment. And I don't want to go back to using multiple small toolboxes sitting on my workbenches to store my tools. So I need a new, (or used), medium sized roll around chest.

I tried to suggest to the boy that since he's been hired as a service writer and shop helper, not a technician at a motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile shop that perhaps he should bring in just a small, portable box that could sit out of the way for his use. I also suggested that in the mechanics world, that maybe being the guy with the least experience but the largest toolbox might just cause a little stress among co-workers. Especially since there's just not that many tools inside his giant box.

But he wants it and he wants me to borrow a trailer and help load, move and unload the box at his employment location. That means I have to separate my tools from his tools, from his box where they have been happily co-mingling for over a year, in my shop. Last night the BSU and I had a look for chests at Harbor Freight where they had nothing I wanted and at Sears where the choices are plentiful but expensive. And of course, the BSU sees no need for me to have a new chest and thinks whatever I buy will be a wasteful expense at a time just before we double our personal debt by paying for a road trip to Oregon and back next month.

I'm hoping to buy a chest today so that I can move the tools just once, from Noah's box to the new one. Yesterday's pawn shop search was unsuccessful and browsing KSL's adverts last night unveiled numerous $4000 Snap-On boxes but nothing in my price range. While Noah's box was a space imposition in my little shop, I had grown pretty accustomed to having my tools (and his) available all in one place and I really want to maintain that status quo even if I have to buy my own box on short notice.

Donations will be gladly accepted…

As for moving the boy's box, my week and weekend are filling up pretty fast. So I might just let him know when its ready for him to come and get it and let him manage the transportation requirements.

UPDATE: Mission accomplished. Tonight I purchased this 6 drawer cabinet from Sears. With some assistance from the BSU, my yard trailer and the overhead hoist in the shop, we got the wheels installed and the box sitting waiting to be filled. I guess that will be tomorrow night's job. I didn't buy the matching top chest, yet, but I would like to add it to the cabinet so I have a matched set. Overall, I think this will be a much better size for my shop than Noah's huge set that just eats up a lot of floor space.

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